Zeamer’s Eager Beavers – The Story – Sources

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Interview(s), Jay Zeamer

Interview(s), Barbara Zeamer, wife of Jay Zeamer
Interview(s), William Vaughan, Eager Beavers radio operator
Interview(s), Herbert Pugh, Eager Beavers tailgunner
Interview(s), Ruby Johnston, Eager Beavers navigator
Interview(s), J.T. Britton, 16 June 1943 mission copilot
Interview(s), son of Bud Thues, Eager Beavers flight engineer, top turret gunner
Interview(s), daughter of Johnnie Able, Jr., Eager Beavers asst. flight engineer, belly turret gunner
Interview(s), son of Dr. Milton Gusack, friend of Jay Zeamer, 65th Bomb Squadron flight surgeon
Interview(s), Walt Krell, friend of Jay Zeamer, pilot, 19th Bomb Squadron, 22nd Bomb Group
Interview(s), Richard Bennett, pilot, 65th Bomb Squadron

Letter, Jay Zeamer to Art Cohn, 8/10/43
Letter, Jay Zeamer to Agnes Sarnoski, 11/9/43
Letter, Jay Zeamer to William Bennett, 5/5/70
Letter, Jay Zeamer to flight cadet, 1989
Letter, Jay Zeamer to Victoria Sarnoski, 12/21/95
Letter, Jay Zeamer to Mrs. William Vaughan, 1/15/2000
Letter, Jay Zeamer to Jim Rembisz
Letter, Jay Zeamer to Dave Armstrong, 11/24/98
Letter, Joe Sarnoski to sister Jenny, Jan 1942
Letter, Johnnie Able, Jr., multiple letters to parents, 1943
Letter, Herb Pugh to author, 1994
Letter, Joe Sarnoski to sister Nellie 5/23/1943
Letter, William Eaton to author, 3/2/94

E-mail, military historian Joe Bowman to author, 2013
Diagram, Jay Zeamer mark-up of 41-2666
Statement, Johnnie Able, Jr., in support of Zeamer Medal of Honor, July 1943
Statement, J.T. Britton, in support of Zeamer Medal of Honor, July 1943
Statement, Forrest Dillman, in support of Zeamer Medal of Honor, July 1943
Statement, George Kendrick, in support of Zeamer Medal of Honor, July 1943
Statement, Herbert Pugh, in support of Zeamer Medal of Honor, July 1943

Flight log, Jay Zeamer
Flight log, Hank Dyminski
Diary, personal, Hank Dyminski
Diary, missions, William Eaton

Morning reports, 403rd Bomb Squadron
Squadron diary, 403rd Bomb Squadron
Squadron diary, 8th Photo Squadron
Official history, 43rd Bomb Group

Jay Zeamer, Jr., “There’s Always a Way,” American Magazine, Jan. 1945
Margaret Zeamer, mother of Jay Zeamer, “Sketch of Early Life of Lt. Col. Jay Zeamer, Jr.”
R. Jere Zeamer, brother of Jay Zeamer, “Jay Zeamer’s Training and Wartime Experiences As Told to His Brother”
Art Cohn, “Z Is for Zeamer,” Liberty magazine, Jan 1944
Rhoda Schur, “Death Took a Holiday,” The Oranges and Montclair, Aug 1947
Larry Hickey, Revenge of the Red Raiders: The Illustrated History of the 22nd Bombardment Group During World War II, IHRA, 2006.
Larry Hickey, Ken’s Men Against the Empire: The Illustrated History of the 43rd Bombardment Group During World War II, Volume I: Prewar to October 1943, IHRA, 2016.
John Miller, Jr., U.S. Army in WWII: The War in the Pacific: Cartwheel: The Reduction of Rabaul, Chapter 2, p. 13.
General George Kenney, General Kenney Reports: A Personal History of the Pacific War, Office of Air Force History, 1987.

USAAF records, Record of service, Johnnie Able, Jr.
USAAF records, Record of service, Ruby Johnston
USAAF records, SO No. 16, 65th BS, 4/13/43
USAAF records, SO No. 23, 65th BS, 5/14/43
USAAF records, SO No. 77, HQ, V Bomber Command, 12/23/42
USAAF records, Travel orders, HQ, Hawaiian Dept., 11/5/42
USAAF records, GO No. 74, HQ, 5th AF, 4/25/43
USAAF records, Personal History Statement, Jay Zeamer, 10/6/44
USAAF records, Proceedings of Disposition Board re: Jay Zeamer, August 6, 1943
USAAF records, Certificate, Merian Cooper, HQ, Advance Echelon, Fifth Air Force, July 17 1943
USAAF records, Memorandum, Ennis Whitehead, Recommendation for the Congressional Medal of Honor, HQ, Advance Echelon, 5th Air Force, July 18 1943
USAAF records, award of the Silver Star, General Orders No. 123, HQ, Fifth Air Force, June 18, 1943
USAAF records, Special Orders No. 216, HQ, 5th Air Force, 10/2/43
USAAF records, Sec V WD Cir 127, 43, HQ, USAFFE, 9/22/43
USAAF records, Special Orders 122, Headquarters, U.S. Army Services of Supply, August 11, 1943

Congressional Medal of Honor Society (cmohs.org) (Other dual MoH missions: Baker/Jerstad, WWII; Talbot/Robinson, WWI)

National Eagle Scout Association (Zeamer has long said he made Eagle Scout at 13; his mother wrote that he was 14.  He very likely completed the work necessary for Eagle Scout while he was still 13.  His actual review board, however, was November 16, 1932, after his 14th birthday.)

Part I - Stuck
Part II - Kindred Spirits
Part III-Some Assembly Required
Part IV - Joining the Battle
Part V - Twenty-two Minutes
Part VI - Crucible

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