The Miniseries

The Miniseries

The Breakdown

  • Pictorial Introduction
  • Background
  • Story Overview
  • Character Snapshots
  • Episode Summaries


  • 2022 - Masters of the Air - WWII European air war limited series
  • 2021 - Jake Gyllenhaal Medal of Honor film announced
  • 2020 - Audie Murphy WWII limited series announced
  • 2019 - Midway - WWII film
  • 2019 - The Last Full Measure - Medal of Honor film
  • 2017 - Dunkirk - WWII film
  • 2016 - Hacksaw Ridge - WWII Medal of Honor film
  • 2014 - Unbroken - WWII film
  • 2013 - Lone Survivor - Medal of Honor film
  • 2010 - The Pacific - WWII miniseries
  • 2001 - Band of Brothers - WWII miniseries
Photo of first page of miniseries breakdown

Screenwriting Reviews

“well-written, well-documented . . . this work is quite impressive for a first-time writer”

Dean Zanuck, The Zanuck Company
Jaws, Cocoon, Driving Miss Daisy, Get Low

“...[I]t was a really easy read, and that's surprising considering what its obstacles are...You're a terrific writer...I have a wonderful sense of place and a window into these young men and their exploits.”

Sheila Gallien, former development assistant of six years to William Broyles, Jr.
Apollo 13, Cast Away, Unfaithful

“Beautifully written.  I enjoyed reading it and have no critique to give you.”

“This starts off a little slow but when the emotion hits it knocks your socks off.  This is one of the best scenes I’ve ever read in any of my classes.  Character and emotion are the keys to good writing.
You nailed them both.”

Stephen Katz
Screenwriter (L.A. Law, A-Team), screenwriting instructor (Collin College, Plano, TX)

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