Drury and Clavin’s LUCKY 666 — a review

It is a story of the Eager Beavers—but it’s definitely not the real one (For those interested in a short summary of some of the issues with Lucky 666, see my Amazon review here.  If you find it helpful, I’d appreciate clicking the appropriate button at the end of the review.)  Lucky 666 raises an interesting question: However well written a nonfiction book might be—and Lucky 666 is a brisk, well-written book, if a little overearnest in parts—how many mistakes, large and small, and outright inventions, can it make before it loses its value as a work of nonfiction? How different can a biography of a subject be from the actual life story before it loses its value as a biography? The book purports to tell the genuinely incredible true story of Jay Zeamer and his crew, the Eager Beavers. I happen to know something about this story. I’ve been researching and writing about the… Continue reading