Sneak Previews: Above and Beyond

Photo of research materials for Above and Beyond

a When I began working in 2016 on the novel adaptation of my feature screenplay about the Eager Beavers, I knew it was going to involve a considerable amount of work, but reasoned that the bulk of the research, and obviously the substance of the story, had already been done and worked out for the screenplay.  I figured the main work of the novel would be fleshing out the scenes in the script. How young I was then. Turns out I really . . . really . . . underestimated how bony the script was compared to a novel.  There are just so many more words.  The succinctness in description and dialogue necessary for a script was not my friend here.  There were no pictures worth a thousand words to make up for what isn’t on the page.  Let’s see: if one picture equals a thousand words, times twenty-four pictures per second, that’s… Continue reading