Ken's Men - Home of the 43rd Bomb Group
Group and squadron histories and records, photos, diaries, newsletters and more
from Ken's Men, courtesy of the 43rd Bomb Group Association.

International Historical Research Associates
Larry Hickey and his teams have been publishing the definitive histories of the major bomb groups
in the Pacific for almost thirty years.  From inception to deactivation, you get the full story,
including in-depth mission descriptions, hundreds of photos, exquisite paintings of
squadron aircraft by master aviation artist Jack Fellows, and much, much more.
They must be seen to be believed.

Australia @ War
Peter Dunn has personally amassed over the past fifteen years one of the Internet's greatest resources

on the war in the Pacific, air and otherwise, as it relates to Australia.  Not to be missed.

Pacific Wrecks
While its primary mission is to locate those who have gone missing in action and
preserving crash sites
 around the world, Pacific Wrecks has become an invaluable
research tool
 on the locations, aircraft, and naval vessels of the Pacific theater.

World War II Database
Complemented by a massive and growing photo collection. this ambitious site
breaks down the story of WWII by people, events, locations, and vehicles,
with summaries, chronologies, and official documents as well.

20th Combat Mapping Squadron
Chuck Varney's website dedicated to this squadron is a fascinating education in itself,
but his discussion 
of the hardware used in the type of aerial reconnaissance and mapping
done by the Eager Beavers and the rest of the 43rd is incredibly informative. 

National Personnel Resource Center
The NPRC is part of the National Archives, and houses personnel records for both the
U.S. military and civil services.  Searching for a veteran's records?  This is the place to start.


No list of resources would be complete without the contributions of a number of
excellent author/historians who have done incredible work digging back
through history
 to tell the story of the war in the Pacific.

Steve Birdsall

Barret Tillman

Eric M. Bergerud

Bruce Gamble

 Michael Musumeci

Damian Waters

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