An Eager return . . .


While a significant addition to the family income, it wasn’t enough to keep Josephine Sarnoski from wanting her son home and away from the military. His prominent role in helping with family and farm was enough, but with rumor of war in the future, all parents could be forgiven for wanting their sons well away from the armed services at the time. Whether Sarnoski actually intended the CCC as a stepping stone to the regular Army is unknown now, but considering his education and personality, it was a reasonable and logical next step. Practicality aside, it’s hard to imagine him being content to return home to farm work after such an experience.


Ultimately he prevailed. Records muddle the exact dates, but in early March, Sarnoski was honorably discharged from the CCC, after which he was driven by Corps bus to Baltimore, where he enlisted as an air cadet in the U.S. Army Air Corps. The newly minted private was assigned to the 58th Service Squadron, stationed at the heart of the fledgling Army Air Corps—Langley Field, Virginia. Sarnoski would call it home for most of the next six years.”  

And with that excerpt from the life of Joseph Sarnoski, I’m happy to announce a return to the crew biographies that I put on hold to create the miniseries adaptation of the Eager Beavers story.
There are stories behind each of the men who came to comprise that crew, of course, and it’s always been my goal to give each of them their due, as records and memories allow.
I was actually well into Sarnoski’s bio when I switched gears to take advantage of the mounting signals that the time was too ripe to delay marketing an Eager Beavers miniseries any longer. The interruption was far longer than I anticipated, but now that I’ve moved into the marketing phase for the series, I”m excited to pick up where I left off with Joe.
Fortunately, the detailed timeline I created for both Zeamer and Sarnoski for the series breakdown will certainly oil the gears for creating his biography. As with Zeamer’s, my goal is for Joe’s to be the most comprehensive and authoritative of him available, online or off. (As an example, see Zeamer’s on the website under “Features.”)
As always, watch this space.
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